Folgat AG 


Я хочу тут работать

Folgat AG 

Company FOLGAT AG started its activity in the year 1992. During this period the company went through its geographic points: movement from Ukraine to European Community.


We create the High Tech system for your confidence in the future.

We set ourselves as global object – on the markets were FOLGAT is working - to solve the tasks for the benefit of the country. All our projects are interconnected and supplement each other.

Our aim - is providing a wide circle of Clients with full range of up-to-date goods and services in the informational technology area, which are very important for the successful business development.

A distinctive feature of FOLGAT AG activity - is an accurate orientation to the valuables of our customers, that allows us to provide the solutions, which correspond to the given tasks.

Cooperation advantages – high quality, efficiency, custom approach to the task solution. We are oriented to the long term relations and offer maximum efficacy of the cooperation. Due to the intent study of the customer’s needs, we offer you a set of equipment and services, ensuring the most easy, prompt and regular work of your enterprise. Our experience allows you to save your money

Partners of FOLGAT AG – the leading companies in the various business fields, specializing in solving of different technical, economic, juristic and other questions, which can occur during the project development.

Company team – they are the experts in many fields with long experience, whose professionalism and great skills allow us to fulfill the integrated projects at the high level.